Film Premganj Profile Photo Kept Most than Any Film Poster

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Premganj movie’s profile photo is kept double than Premgeet movie’s profile photo
Almost 1,200 people have made profile photos in the last 7 days of the awaited movie Premganj, which is going to be screened across the country from this August 3, i.e. next Friday. Premgunj is the movie with the most profile photos in Nepali films. Premgit has 613 profile photos in 18 days. Similarly, 561 profile photos and 63 profile photos of Michael Adhikari have been made in 7 days of the movie Krishnaleela, which is going to be screened on Bhadra 03.

Premganj got very good reviews at the premiere show held yesterday on 31st Shravan in the presence of about 300 people from the cine sector and banking sector. Most of them responded that Premgunj is the best movie in recent Nepali films based on love stories. Journalist Vijay Awaz tagged Premganj as a master piece film. We will have to wait till next Friday to know how this movie will be supported by the audience.

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