Gagan Thapa Suggests Prime Minister to Change Ministers Who Does Not Obey

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The main opposition party Nepali Congress General Minister Gagan Kumar Thapa has suggested Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ to change the minister who does not obey his word. Speaking at the zero hour of the House of Representatives meeting on Sunday, he suggested to Prime Minister Prachanda that if he cannot change the minister in the parliamentary system, he should move his camp from Singha Darbar and Baluwatar. “On the issue of equalization subsidy, the heads of the local governments have said that they need 100 percent when they meet the Prime Minister,” he said, “The Prime Minister has said that I want it, but the Minister has said that he does not accept it.” This is a parliamentary system that says how many times, if it is not done, the minister will be changed and if the minister is not changed, the camp will be moved from Singha Durbar and Baluwatar.

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