Gigi Hadid Don’t Want Her Mother Interfere in Romance..

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Gigi Hadid reportedly does not want her mother, Yolanda Hadid, to interfere in her budding romance with Bradley Cooper.

According to a report by Heat Magazine, the supermodel is not rushing her romance with the Hollywood hunk as she wants to take her time in getting to know him better.

A tipster told the publication Gigi fears her romance with the Maestro star would fall apart if she lets her mother get to her head.

“Gigi doesn’t want to play games or hurry things. They’re really enjoying each other’s company and it’s going well. Bradley’s into her because she’s not acting desperate or pushy,” the insider said.

The insider said Gigi is steering clear of any advices coming her way from Yolanda Hadid as she is “nervous what her mum will say when Bradley’s around.”

Gigi “doesn’t want her to blow her cool-girl act,” the insider said, adding, “But the truth is she’s so into him and desperate for him to commit – she’d marry him tomorrow if he asked.”

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