Jassita Gurung Objected to program ‘Its My Show’ for Raising Personal Issues

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Television show ‘It’s My Show’ has become a controversy. In the episode hosted by Osin, actresses Swastima Khadka and Samragyee Shah were invited as guests.

The host Osin asks various questions to the actresses as part of a segment in the program. In which the actress also asks questions about Jasita’s lovers, Swastima and Samragyee reveal the names of her boyfriends.

Actress Jasita Gurung has objected to the fact that her personal subject was raised in a national television program.

Posting on Instagram, she said that after watching this interview, she felt deeply sorry for the guest and host of the program. ‘Are we really against the tendency of one woman to harass another woman? I have no personal problem with them. From the very beginning, I have held her in high esteem and admiration as an actress and host. But did you not think how many lives will be affected by this action of yours? ‘

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