Leonardo DiCaprio Ditches Gigi Hadid For…

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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s biggest superstars. The actor, over the years, has achieved milestones in his career that many actors can only dream of. Everything that he does manages to make headlines. And parallel to his professional achievements, what also keeps making buzz is his personal life and especially his relationship status with the innumerable rumours that float around him all the time. Now there’s a new girl he is hanging out with and she is Gigi Hadid’s friend.

Leornado has had the most controversial and fiery dating life of them all. The actor, who has been linked to almost the whole of Hollywood, has dated many ladies. Most recently he was in the news for his policy which doesn’t allow him to date any woman who is over 25 years of age, and that was a fodder for many news articles and even memes.

One of the most noise-making flings of them all was his stint with model Gigi Hadid, and the euphoria around it was insane. But nothing really progressed between the two, at least as per whatever is known in the public domain. Now Leonardo DiCaprio is chilling with Gigi’s friend on a Yacht and there are new rumours floating around already. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

As per TMZ, Leonardo DiCaprio was seen in an SUV heading to a yacht trip in Ibiza on the weekend with a new model Meghan Roche. She was with the superstar throughout the short trip. The two weren’t hiding their faces but were pretty normal. Meghan spent the night with Leo because the pictures from Sunday has her in a different outfit and DiCaprio can be seen roaming around shirtless soaking in the sun.

However, the report also clarified that there were no signs of PDA between Leonardo DiCaprio and Meghan Roche. Maybe couple of more outings, if they happen, will give us a clarity whether we are about to witness a new fling or not. Leo has been single for over a year now since his split with Camilla Morrone.

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