Sadhana Music Award (Reward) awarding certificate to the best five

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Certificates have been given to the best five of the Sadhana Music Award (Reward). Certificates were distributed to the best five during a program in the capital on Monday. Samana Music Creation, which has been holding the National Sadhana Award program for three years, is going to reward this time. In other words, the process of providing cash along with the award is about to begin.

The organizer claims that this is probably the first award that the organizers are going to distribute in Nepal. As part of this, nomination certificates were distributed to the best five artists/creators/creators in different 21 categories on Monday.
Samana Shah, president of Samana Music Creation, informed that a special program will be organized soon and awards will be given.

Gokarna Lamichhane, secretary of the company, said that they are trying to use a new method when they are criticizing that the name of the award has been distorted and that the award is being bought and sold. He asserted that for the honor of art and creation, along with the certificate of award, cash has also been given. Although he could not give a large amount at the beginning, he said that this was a start.

He said that his organization is trying to make the award distribution program healthy and dignified, and to disprove the allegations made about it. He said that his organization did not do any manipulation in the awards that were distributed earlier, he said that the reward will increase the dignity of the organization, artist/creator/creator.

In the program, former minister (Minister of Peace and Reconstruction) and member of the House of Representatives, Satya Pahari said that such programs will encourage non-Sadhan people in the fields of art, literature, music and creativity.
He said that the art, culture, literature and music of the country will help in expanding the identity internationally, so everything should be done for the protection, promotion and development of this area.

He said that the contribution of this sector is more than the politics of civilizing and rebuilding the identity of the country. Saying that art, literature, music and creativity provide energy to people, former minister Pahari held the view that this sector should speak to the society and the country.

Similarly, writer Damodar Pudasaini “Kishore” said that art, literature, music and creativity are precious treasures and should be protected and expanded. He thanked Saamna Music Creation for working on it. He claimed that if everyone related to this area behaves in this way, its dignity and importance will increase more than it is now. He said that in other countries, the art and literature sector is an indicator of the civilization and culture there, he said that this sector should be further developed for the civilization, culture and identity of Nepal.

In the program, senior filmmaker Mohan Niraula complained that the state did not pay attention to the fields of art, literature, music and creativity. He was also upset that artists were called jewels of the nation. He insisted that artists are not jewels of the nation, but the identity of the nation. He said that artists are ambassadors of the nation’s identity.

He said that it is necessary to end the distortions and disharmony seen in this area and make it a developed and civilized area. He said that for this, all efforts should be made in this area and the state should not neglect it. The program was attended by various people in the fields of art, literature, music and creativity, as well as media persons.

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