Shatrughan Sinha to NOT Attend Daughter Sonakshi Sinha’s Wedding?

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Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal are set to get hitched on June 23. As per reports, after dating for seven long years, the couple has finally decided to take the plunge. There is a lot of buzz around their big shaadi. Recently, an invitation card went viral that also had an audio note along. A party has been held at Bastian, Mumbai in order to celebrate the union. Sonakshi Sinha’s father Shatrughan Sinha also hit headlines when he spoke about children not seeking permission these days as he got asked about daughter’s wedding. There have been rumours suggesting that Shatrughan Sinha is upset with Sonakshi. However, Pahlaj Nihalani has cleared the air.

In an interview with Times Now, Pahlaj Nihalani who happens to be the close friend of Shatrughan Sinha, mentioned that Sonakshi Sinha is his ‘ladlii’ and of course, he will attend his daughter’s wedding. “Why should he be upset if Sonakshi is marrying the boy of her choice? Shatruji himself married a girl of his choice forty years ago. Even I chose my own life partner when I married my wife. One should not have unrealistic expectations from one’s children”, he was quoted saying.

Speaking about Shatrughan Sinha’s comment stating that children don’t seek permission, just inform, Pahlaj Nihalani mentioned that all is well between Sonakshi Sinha and the family. While wedding prep may be on, Sonakshi Sinha recently spent some quality time with Zaheer Iqbal’s family and their happy pictures went viral on social media. On Father’s Day, Zaheer Iqbal made a post dedicated to Shatrughan Sinha.


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