South Korea to Become Most Aged Country in World by 2044

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South Korea is expected to become the world’s most aged country in 2044 amid rapid ageing, statistical office data showed Monday.

The proportion of South Korean people aged 65 or higher is forecast to account for 36.7% of the country’s total population in 2044, according to Statistics Korea.

The country will overtake Japan’s estimated 36.5% in the cited year, becoming the world’s most aged nation, according to Yonhap news agency.

The data was based on the 2022 UN population prospects report and the South Korean statistical agency’s outlook for the country’s population.

The proportion of South Korea’s senior citizens is predicted to soar from 17.5% in 2022 to 34.4% in 2040 and 46.4% in 2070.

The corresponding figure for Japan is projected to climb from 29.9% in 2022 to 35.2% in 2040 and 38.7% in 2070.

The proportion of South Korea’s working-age population, or those aged 15 to 64, is forecast to decline from 71.0% in 2022 to 56.8% in 2040 and 46.1% in 2070. It peaked at 73.4% in 2012.

The corresponding figure for the United States is estimated to slide from 64.9% in 2022 to 61.5% in 2040 and 57.9% in 2070.

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