Students Failing All Subjects Can Also Give Re exams of SEE

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Students who have failed in all subjects in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) this time will also be given a chance to take the exam.


The government has legally decided that the class 12th should not be stopped by showing them that they have failed in the SEE after being the last person in the school level. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda’s personal secretary Ramesh Malla has informed that students who have failed in all subjects have been decided to participate in the chance examination. “We request all the brothers and sisters and their parents to understand this opportunity properly and focus on preparing for the exam,” he said.


He has also stressed that before all the agencies of the district look for the results of the examination, the condition of the public schools, the role of the government and regulatory bodies, the responsibilities of teachers and parents and the method of imparting education should be improved from the classroom. “Let’s accept today’s result as a serious education and resolve that I will participate from my place to improve it,” he said.


More than half of the examinees failed in the public results on Thursday. Only 47.87 percent (two lakh 22 thousand 472) students passed the exam results announced by the National Examination Board on Thursday. 52.13 percent i.e. two lakh 42 thousand 313 examinees have failed. They are classified as non-grade (NG) (less than 35 out of 100 marks).


Out of which 1 lakh 15 thousand 834 would get a chance to take the exam. It was said that students who have obtained NG in two subjects at most will be given a chance to take the exam. Malla said that one lakh 26 thousand 479 students who got NG had to wait another year for SEE.

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