UML Leader Rameshwar Phuyal Registers Candidature from Kathmandu 3’B’

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CPN-UML leader Rameshwar Phuyal has registered his candidature from ‘B’ of Kathmandu Region No-3. On Sunday afternoon, he reached the Election Officer’s office in Gokarneshwar and registered his candidature.

Leader Phuyal claims that the party also believes in him because he has been working according to the sentiments of the people. Phuyal, who won the election from the same area in the last 2074 election, has also become the Minister of Physical Infrastructure Development of Bagmati Province. He is also a member of the Constituent Assembly and a popular leader of CPN-UML.

During his first tenure, leader Phuyal has done many things including the Rock Garden policy for the development of the Lear tourist area, from the expansion of the Kathe ring road. Leader Phuyal, who ran for the election for the second time, has said that he has re-candidated with a new plan, including some work that remains to be done.

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