Urfi Javed New Dress in Red Carpet, Hate it or Love it

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You may love her or hate her (either way, it doesn’t bother her) but you simply cannot ignore her. You probably guessed it; we’re talking about Urfi Javed. When it comes to hogging the limelight, Urfi Javed does it better than anyone else. Any experimental take on fashion doesn’t go unnoticed by her. For someone who lives for the limelight, the red carpet is the perfect opportunity to get one of your bold fashion moments in motion. The black dresses take a break and Urfi Javed picks a mini olive green dress for her latest red carpet event.

Her infinity dress doubles up as a hoodie that extends down a daring navel grazing neckline but the real party is revealed when she turns around. Her backless dress is a party starter from the moment she walks in and continues to make all heads turn her way. ‘

The hair and makeup department are well looked after as well. Under her hoodie, you can see face-framing strands in soft waves and the makeup is complete with outlined eyes and a dark burgundy lip. There are somethings you just leave to the experts, like taking the unconventional fashion route is purely Urfi Javed’s.

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