Dr. Upadhyaya received a special honor from the United Nepali Federation Mumbai

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World record lyricist and novelist Dr. DR Upadhaya has been specially honored by the United Nepali Federation Mumbai.

He was specially honored by the Nepali Federation during a special ceremony. The United Nepali Federation of Mumbai honored him with the ‘World Record Amazing Personality Award’.

Multifaceted personality rich famous songwriter and novelist Dr. Dhir Rawal, president of the Federation, said that Upadhyay was honored to be honored because it is a matter of pride for all of us that he has succeeded in introducing Nepal to the world through his career.

“We are delighted to honor a unique personality in Mumbai who is not only a creator but also our national heritage,” said Chairman Rawal.

Similarly, Dr. Upadhyay has been given honorary life membership by the federation. Upadhyay, who has set 132 world records, has released hundreds of songs from his 36 albums.

Similarly, his ‘Tyagi’, ‘Bhagyachakra’, ‘apabitra chhaya’, ‘Swarthi’, ‘Bituli’, ‘Athirikt’, ‘Dagabaaz’, ‘adhuro Prem’, ‘sapanaki rani’, ‘Mery Priya’, ‘Virus Love’ 15 novels like ‘Kasur’ and ‘Majdhar’ have come to readers.

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