Right goal and proper use of time is necessary to move forward in life: Acharya Prashant

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Rishikesh. Acharya Prashant, the founder of Prashant Advaita Sanstha and former civil service officer, while explaining the time organized at Hotel Holi Vivasa on Dehradun Road, said that time is the most valuable and precious thing in the world. I am and the world is, this creates duality → this creates time. The ego feels that it is divided into two pieces.

He said that therefore a relationship is formed between the ego and the nature in its attempt to become the whole from the imperfect. He told that with whom we make a relationship, we also change him. Apoorna has dissatisfaction with himself. Time goes on because we are persistent. If the relationship is right then the exchange will be in knowledge.
Unless the attraction is less, the relationship will not be good.

Acharya Prashant said that thirst is in every cell of mine. Nature changes according to the rule and ego changes according to the intention.” The work of science is to open up whatever is going on in nature.
Whereas nature follows its own rules.
He explained that “the purpose of spirituality is to end mental time.” To be simple one has to work hard.
The creation of duality from Advait is the first infidelity.
If you are, then you cannot be present.

He said that the clarity of intention is located in the present. Where the beautiful is not important, there is beauty. If the observer is free from vices, then the whole nature is beautiful. It is always in the beholder. Find beauty where there is goodness. He said that time is of great importance and has a deep meaning. That’s why it is necessary to understand the importance of time for a successful life. Time management plays an important role in our life.
Explaining Kaal i.e. time, he said that time is the most valuable and precious thing in the world. This will help us and the society to move towards a better tomorrow. Also, we should teach our children the importance and value of time. He said that to use the time effectively we should consider some points which will help us throughout our life. These uses include setting goals, preparing to-do lists, prioritizing tasks. He said that in the beginning, it would feel like a boring task but when you do it regularly then you would realize that it only helps you in increasing your energy. Ultimately, this will compel you to achieve more in life. Acharya Prashant said that prioritizing work is a very effective way of managing time. Also, because of this, you will come to know the importance of different work and jobs. Hence, it will help you to move ahead in life.
He said however that most people do not understand how valuable time is until they have lost it. Moreover, there are people in the world who prefer money over time because according to them, time is nothing. But, they do not realize the fact that this is the time which has given them the opportunity to earn money. Moreover, time has given us prosperity and happiness and on the contrary, it has also given us sorrow and grief. But, they forget that they have limited time. Time is the only thing in the world that is infinite. We can say that time is the greatest gift of God. Also, there is a saying that “if you waste time, time will waste you.” This line alone is enough to tell how important and valuable time is.

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