Passengers Coming to Nepal Should Show PCR Report or Vaccine Card Only

Madhyabindu Online

Passengers coming to Nepal from abroad will have to show one of the vaccine cards or PCR report that has been fully vaccinated against Kovid.

The Immigration Department has stated that if you bring a vaccine card or PCR negative certificate, you will not have to stay in quarantine. According to the new arrangement, passengers will be able to come to Nepal without any hindrance if they show the report of vaccine card or PCR negative by air and land.

Passengers are required to submit a certificate of vaccination upon arrival in Nepal. Passengers who are unable to submit the vaccination certificate will be able to enter Nepal even if they show a negative test result within 72 hours before starting the journey.

The department has stated that the decision to test, tighten or not to tighten the risk analysis of Covid 19 as per the requirement regarding the passengers entering Nepal from abroad by air or land will now be taken from the Covid-19 Crisis Management Center.