Senior beautician Manisha GC Booster Media honored as the best beautician

Madhyabindu Online

Senior beautician Manisha GC has been honored as the best booster media beautician. She received the award from Urban Development Minister Ram Kumari Jhakri on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of Booster Media and RastriyaKhabar. She received the honor in the presence of former Minister Ram Kumar Shrestha, Senior Vice President of the Federation of Nepali Journalists Ramesh Bista, organizer and head of Rastriya Khabar and Booster Media Mukunda Dhungana at a program of exchanging honors and good wishes with eminent personalities of the country on the occasion of entering the ninth year of popular media.

A few days ago, Manisha, who received special honors from the Minister of Youth Sports at the Nepal Cultural Film Festival, had recently won the award as the best beautician at the Global International Awards held in Dubai. She has also won the award for the best beautician at the Star International Awards. She has also made significant contribution for the economic development of the country by providing employment to many women. Shreejansil Women’s Group, Toll Reform Committee, GC, a senior beautician affiliated with many social organizations including Ama Abhiyan, has been spending 20 percent of her earnings on social services. Although she was deprived of education for some time due to her early marriage, she has been taking special initiative for the education of other women like her who have not been able to continue their educational activities.