World-renowned lyricist Dr. DR Upadhyaya announces to reach 103 world record in March

Madhyabindu Online

 World-renowned lyricist Dr. DR Upadhyaya has announced to reach 103 world records in Chait,2078. Earlier, he set 80 world records, including Guinness Book of World Records in music and various genres. Upadhyaya informed at a press meet held in the capital on Tuesday that he was preparing to reach 103 world records in Chait,2078.

During the press conference, he also conducted a ‘quiz’ competition about his songs and creations. Gifts were given to ten contestants. Similarly, in the press conference, Dr. Upadhyaya had briefed his 102 songs for half an hour continuously.

Lyricist and lyricist Ganesh Subedi, composer Santosh Shrestha, singer and composer Sagar Adhikari ‘Sharad’, senior journalist Tulsi Giri ‘Bhavuk’, Milap Foundation President and former Vice President of Film Journalists Association Geeta Adhikari were present on the occasion. He said that Upadhyaya’s work has made Nepal known to the world.

Similarly, the media present Dr. He was curious about various world records of Upadhyaya. Dr. Responding to a query from a journalist, Upadhyaya said that his work would make Nepal known to the world. Dr. who has set many world records through music and literary creation. Upadhyaya is the first Nepali creator.

The legendary Dr. Hundreds of songs from Upadhyaya’s 25 albums are in the audience. Similarly, her ‘Thunderbolt’, ‘Tyagi’, ‘Bhagyachakra’, ‘Unholy Shadow’, ‘Selfish’, ‘Bituli’, ‘Extra’, ‘Treacherous’, ‘Unfinished Love’, ‘Dream Queen’, ‘Coffee Love’ and Novels like ‘Meri Priya’ have come to the readers. He said that his new novel ‘Virus Love’ and four other seven albums will be released soon.