The legendary Dr. Upadhyaya’s novel ‘Virus Love’ released at Tilicho Lake

Madhyabindu Online

Kathmandu-World-renowned lyricist and writer Dr. DR Upadhyaya’s new novel ‘Virus Love’ has been released at the height of Tilicho Lake in Manang.

The novel ‘Virus Love’ was unveiled on New Year’s Day, April 20, at an altitude of 5,106 meters above the mountain near Tilicho Lake.

The book was unveiled by journalist Krishna Bhusal, director Michael Chand, singer and musician Sagar Adhikari ‘Sharad’, cinematographer Utsab Dahal, Subin Godar, makeup artist Anita Gwacha, sound editor Kumar KC and French citizen Camilla at an altitude of 5,106 meters.

The 192-page novel is divided into forty parts. In the brief program, the guests shared their views on the novel and congratulated lyricist Upadhyaya. The novel was published at this height for the first time in the world. Upadhyaya informed. The price of the 192-page novel published by Shikha Book is 375.

Dr. Before Upadhyaya, ‘Bajraghat’, ‘Tyagi’, ‘Bhagyachakra’, ‘Apavitra Chhaya’, ‘Swarthi’, ‘Bituli’, ‘Extra’, ‘Dagabaj’, ‘Adhuro Prem’, ‘Sapnaki Rani’, ‘Kafi Love’ and Novels like ‘Meri Priya’ have come to the readers. Similarly, hundreds of songs and videos of his 33 song album have come to the audience. Dr. Upadhyaya has set 108 world records, including Guinness Book of World Records for his music and various genres.