Cosmetic Developer Slammed Kylie Jenner, See Why ?

Madhyabindu Online

After being called out recently for taking a really short flight and thus contributing to carbon emissions by private jets, Kylie Jenner once more made the headline for a not-so-good reason. But this time, she had a strong come and slams the trolls who tried putting her down. Read all about it below.

On Wednesday, August 3, Kylie took to social media and shared a series of pictures from a Kylie Cosmetics lab in Milan, Italy. For the unversed, Kylie founded Kylie Cosmetics in November 2015 by first selling the Kylie Lip Kits – a liquid lipstick and lip liner set. Coming back to the topic at hand, in the said pics, the reality star was seen wearing a lab coat while working on creating new products for her company. However, she got trolled for not following sanitation protocols aka not wearing a hair net, gloves, mask, etc.

On Wednesday, Kylie Jenner took to her Instagram handle and shared quite a few pictures and videos from a Kylie Cosmetics lab in Milan. While some saw her mixing the ingredients required to make the product, others saw her posing in the supposedly sterile place. She captioned the post, “in the lab creating new magic for you guys 💕 better than ever.”

However, the pictures and videos had not been liked by all. Cosmetic developer Kevin James Bennett reposted Kylie Jenner’s pictures from the lab on his page and slammed The Kardashian star. He called her out for being unsanitary in the lab, but she slammed him in response and accused him of “spreading false information.”

Along with the pictures, Kevin James Bennett posted a lengthy note slamming Kylie. The cosmetic developer wrote, “I know the Kardashian/Jenner stans are going to come for my throat because I’m calling out their cosmetic queen…but WTF @kyliejenner 🤬🤨🤬I’m a cosmetic developer and work with cosmetic manufacturers (and their labs) as part of my job. I have very short hair, and I’ve NEVER been allowed into the lab or onto the manufacturing floor without a hair net, shoe covers, mask…and disposable GLOVES.”

Slamming Kylie Jenner further, he added, “Kylie is gaslighting her followers into thinking she is creating cosmetics. And I’d like to know what ignorant manufacturer (in Italy) let her stage this photo-op in their lab and on the manufacturing floor – without following proper sanitation protocols. I need the name because I want to make sure my clients NEVER work with them. He signed off by adding, “Folks, this is not the way we create cosmetics and misrepresents how our industry works. Credible manufacturers follow STRICT sanitation protocols to protect you.”