Where are our people’s representatives at such a time?

Madhyabindu Online

-Dr. DR Upadhyay,

Political changes have taken place in the country time and again and the system has also changed but sadly no change has taken place in the condition of the people. The general public had some expectation that this system, which came after the last political change, would bring some change in the condition of the people.

But those expectations of the people have not been fulfilled yet. In the system that exists in the country today, the fate and future of the people should have been beautiful. But only the fate and future of the leaders and people’s representatives here is beautiful. No one else. The kind of political activity that is taking place in the country now does not really look like the future of Nepalis.

That dream of embarking on the journey of development and prosperity of the country is only an illusion. Why the fate and future of the people could not be built when the law was changed? This is the question that arises today. Characters and people’s representatives who have changed with the law and order have not been honest. The problem is here.

Gathering votes by misleading the people and ignoring the people after winning the election on behalf of the people? What kind of politics is this? It is called the people’s representative because it represents the people’s opinion. The job and duty of the people’s representative is to serve the people.

It is to raise the voice of the people. To play a leading role in development work. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. The government run by these people’s representatives is also called the people’s own rule.

These people’s representatives should play an important role in the well-being of the people. But, ironically, it has played an important role in the well-being of the people? Not once but many times news comes that these people’s representatives have been accused of corruption.

Some of the accused are serving their sentences after being found guilty of corruption, while others are pending in the courts. Countries like ours, which were poor yesterday, have reached far and wide today in terms of development and prosperity. We were in the same situation as yesterday.

You are in the same situation today. When do we move forward? When will we learn from those nations? Countries where people’s representatives are disciplined have made rapid strides. They do not commit corruption, they live in discipline.

That is why their country is prosperous. In fact, it is the people’s representatives who will uplift the nation socially, economically and politically. They have a major role to play in this. The country could not rise due to bad corrupt people’s representatives.

The main reason for the country’s backwardness is corruption and misgovernance. People’s representatives have millions of assets. It is a shame to see his house, jewelry, car, etc. Is it possible to add so much wealth from his salary allowance? No Taking bribe in the name of people’s representative, bargaining for commission is an insult to the people. Alisan, who could not wear shoes and slippers properly yesterday, is going to live in the palace today.

He has become the owner of many contracts. And how does the country develop? They are committing extreme abuse of power. Are developing their personal. Nepali people are forced to live in poverty. What is happening in the country is not going well. Now improvement is needed. Today the country is infected with the corona virus. Hundreds of lives are being lost every day without treatment.

Infections are on the rise in the thousands. Thousands of people are begging at the gate of private and government hospitals in Kathmandu by placing patients in ambulances without getting hospital beds. On the other hand, many patients have died due to lack of oxygen.

Due to the lockdown, the poor and destitute people are suffering from lack of food. Where are our people’s representatives at such a time? In order to avoid Kovid-19, the pre-preparation method done yesterday should be expedited in this second phase. Shouldn’t we learn from yesterday’s shortcomings and move forward more effectively? I didn’t see that.

There are reports of extreme scams in medicinal items imported from one’s own people’s representatives. In such a situation, what else can we expect from the people’s representatives? Today, corruption and incompetence have brought a terrible situation.

The main reason for this is lack of management skills at the state level. There are reports that our local chiefs have not been able to provide a single bed. It is to help when the people are in trouble. Other times they eat by themselves.