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Flying Car Is Ready To Launch

Madhyabindu Online

After years of research and hardwork on the future car i.e. flying car have been tested sucessfully. This is world’s first commercial flying car.

The hybrid car-aircraft, AirCar, is equipped with BMW engine and runs on regular petrolpump fuel.

Its creator, Prof Stefan Klein said it could fly about 1,000km at a height of 8,200ft and had fly up 40 hours in the air so far.

Flying car has moved a step  closer to production after completing a 35-minute flight between two slovakian cities.

AirCar is a hybrid vehicle that can transform from sports car to aircraft in under three minutes. Like transformers.

A science friction came to reality. Let’s wait that when Nepal and Nepalese people will get opportunity to be flying this super science friction flying car.