UML broke the ordinance

Madhyabindu Online

-Dr. DR Upadhyay,

Political parties and their leaders could not be so serious about the country. Leaders are immersed in personal interests rather than for the country. The problem is this. Leaders are playing the game of how to come to power on their own. The situation was the same yesterday as it is today. There was no question of reform in the leader. Every party needs discipline to run an organization, no party needs discipline. That is why the country is ruined. No leader thought of building a country. And how do we move forward?

Due to lack of discipline, the parties themselves are getting weaker. Nobody cares about that. No one tries to be disciplined. It has not created a political culture. Leaders of political parties did not have leadership ability. Could not be guided by political philosophy. Many people have stopped being attracted to political parties. The reason is that the party and its leaders became dishonest. He lied to the people. He accumulated wealth himself. Made the country hollow. The country has many problems but they are not serious about those problems. The leaders could not run the party properly. There is a problem on every board. Due to this, those who joined political parties became very individualistic.

Political parties do not work like this. No party has been able to work within the framework of constitution, act and law. The ‘ego’ among the leaders was growing. That is why the parties split. The leadership has been ignoring principles, discipline, and commitments to the country and the people. They have tried to move forward in an individualistic manner. Now the leaders are not committed to the principle. Even if the parties do not have the principle now, it can be done. Which party has what principle now? Now they are in a corrupt and distorted state. Nothing happened in practice.

Politics was done for personal interests rather than to do politics with a sense of responsibility based on principles. The only thing that prevailed was the idea of ​​winning the leadership election, increasing the number and forming a government. The leaders saw nothing but position and power. It is a perverted political practice to end the session of Parliament and bring an ordinance immediately.

It is not known which party will split the ordinance. Looking at the working style of any party leader now, it seems that only personal interests are motivated. This is fatal for democracy. No party leader seems to be committed to democracy. Electoral competition could not be fair. The culture of spending more money, winning elections as much as possible and forming a government by increasing one’s number in the parliament and cheating on those who voted has increased.

The idea of ​​strengthening democratic practice did not occur to the leader. In a democracy, the parliament should have been made active. That was not done. Democracy is weakening due to the wrong actions of the leaders. Our political activities are not pleasant.