Now let’s be careful

Madhyabindu Online

-Dr. DR Upadhyay,

Infection of the Omicron variant with the Delta of Corona is increasing day by day in the neighboring countries. Let’s be careful and cautious to avoid corona virus infection. Thousands of people cross the open border between India and Nepal every day. In particular, the risk has increased at 10 checkpoints in the Terai including Biratnagar, Birgunj, Bhairahawa, Nepalgunj and Dhangadhi. Ignoring public health risks in the border areas is sure to increase the risk of infection.

Along with the border, the standards should be followed and health check-ups should be made effective. Health check-ups and tests should be universally accessible in collaboration with the federal, state and local levels. Health desk should be made effective. A new wave of cobwebs has also been seen in neighboring India. From this, it cannot be said that Nepal will not be affected by the transition at any time. According to the WHO, the transition rate of Omicron is much higher than that of Delta. Omicron is growing in countries including USA, UK, Brazil, France and India. France and Germany have already imposed strict travel bans.

The WHO has urged the world to be vigilant in time. With the rise of Omicron, neighboring India has begun to tighten its grip. Efforts have already begun to control congestion by closing down educational institutions in Delhi. The government of Nepal also needs to be vigilant now. Protecting the lives and health of the people is the first duty of the government. It would be wise to adopt health precautions to prevent Omicron from entering or spreading in the country. The government must take immediate steps to ensure compliance with health standards. In order to spread awareness among the citizens, vaccination should be conducted as a campaign and health care equipment should be kept in readiness.

It is important for the government to focus on making the people aware and safe, not to terrorize them. The transition rate of Omicron is really alarming. Health supplies may also be lacking. It cannot be said that this will not lead to another catastrophic situation. The government, which has announced that all citizens will be vaccinated within the next four months, has not been able to act accordingly in practice. Even after five months of the fiscal year, half of the population has not been vaccinated. The government’s announcement that all citizens will be vaccinated in the next three months seems to be limited to paper only.