Who will understand what the people are saying?

Madhyabindu Online

-Dr. D. Upadhyay,

There are many problems in the country today. No party or its leaders are serious about solving these problems. Political parties and their leaders are pursuing their own selfish interests. Because of that, we are lagging behind. No one seems to have paid attention to building the country and solving the problems of the people. There are problems all around. Poor people are not able to make ends meet in the morning and evening. Inflation is on the rise in the country. Arbitrary looting is taking place on the government coffers. This is a system brought by the people to fight. But the condition of the people could not be changed.

Today the people are in extreme despair. The fate and future of the country and the people is in doubt. What else did our leaders see besides power interests? How many days to do politics by confusing the people? The decision will be made by the people. The country is becoming more and more fragile but the leaders have not stopped talking big. Leaders talk of prosperity but do not put it into practice. They are fighting each other for power. The parliament, the voice of the people, has been blocked for a long time. UML has been blocking the parliament for a long time. Blocking the parliament alone will not solve the problem. This is an insult to public opinion. The UML needs to be serious about the country.

The people do not like the blockade of the parliament. If the UML is honest with the country and the people, then the parliament should be allowed to function smoothly. People are suffering from problems like hunger and unemployment. Who will understand the people? It has been more than four decades since democracy came. Why did the people vote and send the leader to the chair? People are looking for answers. A leader cannot become a country just by seeking his share. The country will never be able to move forward due to the tendency of the leaders to become rich and the people to become poor.

The country is dependent on remittances. About half a million young people flee the country each year. The country has neither an environment to study nor to do anything. This is the understanding of most. The kind of culture that has grown up to do politics by confusing the people is not doing well. The people win the election by voting for the leader but the same leader does not know the people after winning the election. About half a dozen constitutions were made in the country but the country never became prosperous. However, the light of hope of the citizens has not gone out. It is sad that this country, which is rich in water resources, agricultural and full of geographical diversity, cannot be built.

This country cannot be built because of anyone. Who is the obstacle? There is a need for the people to understand. All parties had to stand together in building the country, but they could not. Everyone has their own interests. The country is being ruined by the politics of selfishness. Today, the people are not satisfied even though the country has gone for federalism. The reason is that the condition of the people could not change. The system of the country changed but the condition of the people could not change. If the thinking, thinking and behavior of the political parties and their leaders cannot be changed now, the people will surely be disappointed.