Honest and capable police are in injustice!

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Sandeep Bhandari, who has created the image of the number one police officer of his batch, was expected by many to be the first to be promoted from SSP to DIG. However, he has been promoted to the number one position from the time he entered the service as an inspector to the time of SSP.

In the current promotion of DIG by the government, SSP Bhandari has been promoted from Inspector to SSP. They claim that it is unfair for the future Inspector General of Police (IGP) to put Bhandari in the car at number seven.

Even though Bhandari has been left behind in promotion, he is still seen as a strong competitor to run the police organization due to his efficiency, competence, honesty and leadership ability. There is an argument as to why the number 12 DIG should not be made IGP from number 7 tomorrow.

Sandeep Bhandari’s past

His past shows that Sandeep Bhandari is the number one police officer in his batch. V.S. When he entered the police service as an inspector on April 20, 2051, his name was number one. Similarly, when he was promoted to DSP on August 26, 2008, he was still number one.

After that, when he became SP on March 26, 2071 and SSP on March 26, 2075, the government promoted him as the number one police officer. Bhandari, who is known in the Nepal Police as a police officer with strong, honest, capable leadership skills, has been fulfilling his responsibilities successfully in all fields, wherever he has worked.

Bhandari, who has been winning by starting new work in every place, was highly praised for his work as SP and Morang District Police Chief. Where he completed new work in an exemplary manner.

Bhandari, who successfully assumed command as the security chief of Tribhuvan International Airport when he was SSP, did significant work at the Bagmati State Police Training Center, Dudhauli. His organization chief and high-ranking police officials inspected and praised him.

The quality of education and the role he is playing in a constructive manner as a principal is commendable even in the police school where Bhandari is working, says the police officer. Bhandari, who has not been involved in any controversy till date, is known as a synonym of honesty.

Bhandari, who has the ability to lead even with his batch of friends, has given excellent presentations in various international trainings and missions. He is one of the best police officers in the world at the international event.

It has been said that Bhandari, who has a good track record, will have a strong claim in the race to become IGP even if the government does injustice to him. We have to wait until the new face of the 30th IGP to confirm that SSP Bhandari is a long-distance horse for the organization, the country, the people and the service.