Now the same or different party formation of Maoists?

Madhyabindu Online

-Dr.DR Upadhyay

The eighth national general convention of the CPN-Maoist has started in Kathmandu from Sunday. Everyone is interested in what kind of policy the Maoist center will bring from this General Convention. It is of interest to take the party in which direction. The Maoist center is also the third largest political party in the country. After coming to a peaceful political mainstream, the party has been practicing within the parliamentary system. However, it has not given up the idea of ​​revolution.

The Maoist party is still in a dilemma. This is creating a kind of apprehension among the people. In any case, the people are not attracted to the Maoists. Such a big party has split and split into two. Leaders including Mohan Baidya, Baburam, Biplav, Top Bahadur Rayamajhi and Badal have left the party. Without these leaders, the Maoists look bleak. An agenda dedicated to the public interest? Not just by raising the agenda, but by implementing it in practice? The party has become weak because it is in doubt whether the Maoists will become a parliamentary party or a ‘revolutionary’ party. The Maoists need to self-examine this issue. Now the Maoists themselves are talking about building a new revolutionary ideology.

It is saying to form a revolutionary party. Just talk or work? The Maoists could not take a clear path. This double strategy of not abandoning the path of revolution, even the so-called parliamentary party, cannot move the Maoists forward. The point is clear. Actions that cause suspicion among the people do not serve the interest of the party. It is natural for the people to be curious. The people still do not trust this party. How do people know when it is time to do something? What is said must be put into practice. UCPN (M) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has been expressing his commitment to change the party and move forward with the country and the people at the center. The serious question is whether his commitment can really be practical.

The ideas, policies, policies and programs of any party in its general convention are good. But it only makes sense to apply in practice. The people have already seen the ideas, policies and programs of the parties. After the parties join the government, they forget about ideas, policies and programs. No matter how much we talk about revolution, the rhythm is the same after coming to power. The parties should not forget their ideals, ideas and objectives after coming to power. You have to implement your ideas, policies and programs with commitment. And only the people believe. The ideas, policies and programs adopted by the Maoists must be in favor of the people. The Maoist center has done nothing but console its party leaders and cadres.

Will the Maoist center now become a revolutionary party or a parliamentary party? This is the question of Maoist leaders and cadres. People will no longer believe in revolution. The Maoists must try to rise above parliamentary practice. At this time, the international situation is also uncomfortable for the Maoist center. At such a time, the Maoist center needs to take action seriously. In such a situation, parliamentary practice is the best way for the Maoist center. Only by moving in this direction will the Maoist party benefit.